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Metal Hurricane Shutters - Protection

Tampa Metal Hurricane ShuttersNow there's no need to worry about damage caused by "flying objects" during a hurricane or tropical storm. Stop the wind from getting inside your home!

Hurricane statistics show that once your home's protective envelope is penetrated, wind forces can actually explode it from within. Boarding up or taping windows simply isn't good enough. To assure the proper amount of protection, you need the strength and security of Metal Hurricane Panels

  • Ideal for residences, vacation homes - even commercial buildings

  • Maximum shutter protection at the lowest possible cost

  • Strong, yet made of lightweight aluminum, for fast, easy installation

  • Compactly stored out of the way until needed (stacks up to 9 panels per inch)

  • Will not rust, rot, or delaminate

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically

  • Miami Dade Approved NOA 12-0209.06, Florida Building Code Approved FBC #FL11968-R-1


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