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EZ-Screens - Wind Screens

Tampa EZ-Screens - Wind ScreensEZ-Screens are a new way of protecting structural openings with materials that will resist ultra violet rays and can withstand hurricane force winds. EZ-Screens have been selected for durability and strength, offer glass protection and are easy to hang.

  • Tested to withstand approximately 170 MPH / 210 MPH pressure / wind equivalent

  • Adjustable Screen - compensates for hurricane screen’s shrinkage and expansion caused by temperature variations

  • Zinc Cam Buckles - unlike plastic buckles do not slip even when wet and under load

  • Gortex/Tanara Sewn Attachments - this thread is unaffected by UV Rays, Moisture, Mold and Mildew

  • 304 Stainless Steel Brackets

  • Self Contained Hardware - nothing to lose

  • Slotted Bracket - allows extremely quick deployment

  • Multiple colors available

  • Florida Building Code approved FBC #FL14110-R2

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty - fix or replace screen for 10 years (not pro-rated)

  • Manufactured Locally - quick turnaround after placing your order

EZ-Screens use Gore Tanara thread for all the seams. Gore warranties the seams for the lifetime of the fabric. Our seams do not degrade in strength like other products. Our product carries a 10 year warranty. If the workmanship or product fails, we will fix or replace it at no cost to you. Other companies pro-rate their warranty so they only pay 10% of the cost after 10 years.

EZ-Screens use metal cam buckles that do not slip - period! Our competitors use plastic buckles that slip and do not tighten effectively. They tell the customer to tie a knot or place a grommet below the buckle to stop the attachment from loosening. You do not have to do that with our metal buckles.


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