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Click Here to DOWNLOAD Crime Clock 2011 Annual PDF >

The Crime Clock should be viewed with care. Being the most aggregate representation of UCR data, it is designed to convey the annual reported crime experience by showing the relative frequency of occurrence of the Index Offenses. The mode of display should not be taken to imply a regularity in the commission of Part I offenses; rather, it represents the annual ratio of crime to fixed time intervals.

    • One MURDER every 8 hours & 54 minutes
    • One FORCIBLE SEX OFFENSE every 53 minutes
    • One FORCIBLE RAPE every 1 hour & 40 minutes
    • One ROBBERY every 21 minutes
    • One AGGRAVATED ASSAULT every 9 minutes
    • One BURGLARY every 3 minutes
    • One LARCENY every 1 minute
    • One MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT every 13 minutes
    • One INDEX CRIME every 41 seconds
    • One VIOLENT CRIME every 5 minutes
    • One PROPERTY CRIME every 47 seconds

Click Here to DOWNLOAD Crime Clock 2011 Annual PDF >

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Information on employment, mission, crime statistics, databases.

Pinellas County Florida Crime Viewer Data Base
This tool performs distance analysis from offender residence to provide a list of locations for notification or that pose a potential violation.


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