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Thank you for introducing me to your Force 12 Wind Protection Product. As Fire Chief at the Palm Harbor station it is important to protect our employees, who in time of someone's need must be available at a moments notice. Your Force 12 Wind Screen is easily installed and gives the fire station the protection we need. I think it is a great product - it is easily deployed, stored and taken down. It provides us with great flexibility when we need to send out an emergency vehicle because we can take up the wind screen easily.

Thank you Home Safety.

Chief James Angle | Palm Harbor, FL Fire Department

As an architect in the Pensacola, Florida area I have been responsible for building a lot of homes and commercial buildings.

I was very impressed with your Force 12 Wind Protection product. My home has a lot of glass and windows and I saw that your product offered a lot of benefits beyond hurricane protection. It not only blocks the wind but also keeps the rain out and offers a great degree of privacy as well.

I am very pleased with the results of your product and it has exceeded my expectations. It has certainly given me a peace of mind living where I do knowing there is the potential of experiencing the devastating effects of a storm. Thank you.

John Senkarik | Pensacola, FL

We wanted to express our thanks for the great job you did at our condo.

Our search for a company that we felt was honest, dependable, reliable as well as knowledgeable was a long and exhausting one. We started interviewing companies over 1 year ago, and had hated the prospect of even talking to another hard nosed, hard sell salesman, then along came David.

Mr. Braund came to our home and much to our delight, did not brow beat us or talk bad about his competition. He was professional, knew his product line, and knew the answers to all of our questions. His price was very competitive, but the most important thing we felt was his honesty and integrity.

We paid our deposit and then waited for a call for installation. This again, was a great experience. Your workmen are professional, clean, thorough and cleaned up all messes created by the installation.

We kept thinking, how could we be so lucky to finally have a company that has its customers interests at heart - oh how rare this is in today's business world, but what a refreshing experience.

Thank you David Braund and Home Safety Solutions for your professionalism and expertise in such a needed industry. I would recommend your company and staff for any product you sell. Feel free to give our name to any other consumer who may have doubts like we did before meeting you.

Tim and Debbie Flay | St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for such a wonderful job and product. I love my windows. Everything was done in a professional manner. No muss, no fuss. Thank you.

Mr. Alldredge | St. Petersburg, FL

I am very pleased with the service David provided. Thank you.

Kathy Gregg | St. Petersburg, FL

I would wholeheartedly refer and endorse your firm if called up to respond. I like the product availability and your prompt response.

Mr. Boyle | Tampa, FL

I really appreciate doing business with your company. The installer was on time and met my expectations. He put my blinds back up and put back all of my furniture without question. I was very impressed and will recommend your company to all my friends based upon my experience with the installation.

Collyer/Lanigan | Oldsmar, FL

This was one of the best crews who have work for us since our arrival in Florida.

G. White | St. Petersburg, FL


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